We held another BrainBite evening lecture and networking event on 16 October. Luisa Alemany (Oxford, ESADE) and Job Andreoli (Nyenrode) presented their new book Entrepreneurial Finance: The Art and Science of Growing Ventures which is the first textbook on the topic written from a European perspective.

Luisa and Job introduced the main points of their book: how is entrepreneurial finance different from corporate finance; how does the European market differ from the US; what are the different sources of funding; how does the process of deal sourcing, forecasting, valuing and negotiating look like; what are the alternative routes to entrepreneurship; impact investing; and, harvesting/exiting.

We had a full house, the audience consisting of both entrepreneurs and investors – and some “neutral” audience members. There was a lively discussion especially once the panel members Pim Betist (entrepreneur and crowdfunding specialist) and Jacqueline van der Gracht (entrepreneur) took to the stage, giving insights into entrepreneurship and funding options. The discussion continued at the networking reception afterwards.

Some lucky winners went home with the new book as a few copies were raffled among the attendees.

Thank you to all speakers and everyone who joined us for this inspiring edition of BrainBites!

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