Amsterdam Institute of Finance (AIF) continuously strives to achieve the best possible learning experience for all its participants. However, situations may occur in which a participant or client feels dissatisfied with (a) certain delivery aspect(s).

In most instances, such an issue will be resolved by addressing it in discussion between the person(s) involved, the relevant Faculty member (if applicable), an AIF staff member and/or AIF’s General Manager.

Formal complaints
If a matter is not resolved satisfactorily via informal means, a formal complaint should be made in writing as soon as is reasonably possible. Written complaints should state clearly:

  • the nature and origin of the issue(s);
  • what steps have been taken to resolve it informally; and
  • why the outcome of the informal procedure is considered unsatisfactory.

Contact details
Amsterdam Institute of Finance
Weesperplein 4A
1018 XA  Amsterdam
The Netherlands

E [email protected]

AIF will contact the complainant within 10 business days to outline the steps AIF will take, including an indication of timeline and date by which the response will be issued. The response will be issued within a maximum of 30 business days.

Should a matter still has not been resolved to the participant or client’s satisfaction, he/she can refer his/her complaint to one of the mediators at Reuling Schutte:

Contact details
Reuling Schutte
De Lairessestraat 137-143
1075 HJ  Amsterdam
The Netherlands

E [email protected]

Mediation becomes legally binding once the parties have agreed a settlement of their dispute, and it is deduced to writing and then signed. A record of the complaint will be kept at AIF for a period of 4 years from the date of the written outcome.

All complaints will be dealt with confidentially.