The health and safety of our clients, employees and stakeholders is our top priority. For the time being, we have put our face-to-face programs on hold but are busy preparing the training location to meet the standards of the Dutch authorities regarding safety.

Virtual Classroom

Currently, we are working on converting many of our in-class courses to online workshops that will be held in a virtual classroom. Here you can follow a live training taught by an expert at a distance. The virtual classroom will ensure direct contact with the instructor and provide virtual break-out rooms for group work when needed.

If you enroll for an online course now,  you can switch to an in-class program later on if you wish to do so (taking into account that the global situation allows for in-class courses again). Kindly note there may be a difference in pricing.

Enrolling for an in-class program

We still provide the opportunity to enroll for in-class programs in the fall 2020. For these programs, the training location will be prepared to comply with the national standards in regards to hygiene, distance to others and catering service. We will see to it that these rules are adhered strictly.

We understand that these are uncertain times. If you enrolled for an in-class program but do not feel comfortable, you can flexibly switch to a later date or, if possible, take an online course instead.

If you have a course planned but your situation changes due to, for example, changes in your organization, do not hesitate to consult with us. We want to think along with you and are here for personal advice and consultation.

Stay healthy – we hope to welcome you again soon.

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