We are sad to announce the death of AIF Supervisory Board Member Alex van Groningen. Alex was the Founder and Director of Alex van Groningen BV and served on our Board since 2019. 

Alex started the training company that carries his name in 1994 and built a large network of (finance) professionals over the years. Besides offering training programs, he constantly developed new products and services, such as magazines, websites, and corporate events. One of Alex’ greatest adventures was founding the CFO Community in South Africa in 2011. Last year, another special event took place in the company’s history: the takeover of Amsterdam Institute of Finance.

Although he was not involved in the day-to-day running of the business anymore, Alex maintained warm contacts with the staff. With his enthusiasm and ideas, he managed to inspire everyone until the end.

Read more: https://in-memoriam.moment.online/alex-van-groningen

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