AIF Knowledge Partner of Leadership in Finance Summit

The Amsterdam Institute of Finance is proud to be a Knowledge Partner of the Dutch Leadership in Finance Summit 2022, a prestigious event for CFOs & Finance Professionals. 

Partnering in events dedicated to ambitious executives contributes to the development of financial expertise and the success of organizations. Highly-trained professionals are enabled to continuously improve themselves, their careers, the organizations they work for and, thus, ultimately the world they live in.

Being a Knowledge Partner, for us, is not just sharing expertise and insights, it’s also putting knowledge and skills to work. Being inspired and getting activated during keynote speeches, round table sessions, masterclasses and meeting more than other 300 financial colleagues in a beautiful setting. 

Join us at the Leadership in Finance Summit 2022
We would like to invite our Alumni to be our guest during Leadership in Finance Summit 2022* in Hilversum, The Netherlands on 10 November.

Interested? Register with code AIF2022 at Leadership in Finance Summit

Good to know: Please note that participation is only for CFOs and Financial Professionals of companies with a turnover of more than €50 million.

>> Learn more about the annual Leadership in Finance Summit.

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