This program is tailor-made for institutional sales professionals looking to sharpen their knowledge on private market investing. You will develop an understanding of the diversity of private market investments and become fluent in private market language to conduct rich C-suite level conversations. The program will zoom in the most commonly used type of vehicles to invest in private markets: Limited Partnerships (a.k.a. Private Equity funds). Furthermore, it aims to i) analyze the role of private markets in modern portfolio construction; ii) spot mega trends; and iii) develop scenarios for the future of the industry and how to be best positioned commercially under the different scenarios. The program will provide the latest academic insights into the topic. 
The learning outcomes include: 

  • Describing the responsibilities of the key participants in private markets
  • Implementing a private market investment strategy 
  • Evaluating investment track records
  • Analyzing the role of private markets in modern portfolio construction 
  • Creating different scenarios about the future of the private market industry 
  • Demonstrating fluency in the language and techniques of private markets 

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