Negotiations occur daily in business interactions, be it with corporate clients, business partners, suppliers, sub-contractors, colleagues, managers, shareholders, etc. Negotiations may not even occur at the bargaining table: sometimes you will unlock a deal while informally chatting with a business partner during dinner or at the airport. Thus, improving your negotiation skills may be crucial to your professional success. Improving your ability to deal with people is all the more important that you will not always negotiate from a position of power. In any kind of negotiation you will need to successfully manage the tension between creating and claiming value: 

  • Creating value to enlarge the pie through creative exploration of all parties’ underlying interests.  
  • Claiming value to take your fair share of that pie because, in negotiations, people will rarely grant you what you want. 

Our negotiation training is designed to help executives become a more successful negotiator. It offers a pragmatic, step-by-step approach to help improve the behavioral and analytical skills that are essential to a negotiator’s success. The participants will learn both how to remain firm in a negotiation and how to maintain a constructive negotiating climate. Overall, the participants can expect to develop a more comfortable interpersonal style in dealing with both the issues and the people. 
Becoming a better negotiator will be facilitated through a number of ways: 

  • Role-playing simulations  
  • Discussing real-life cases from various businesses 
  • Exposure to novel research findings   

The Negotiation training is offered as a 3-day in-company training. To enhance the learning, it is possible to break the 3 days up: 2 days in a row + a ‘comeback day’ 4-6 weeks later. 

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