Most people think of finance as complicated equations and ideas that are beyond the grasp of someone who is not an expert. On top of that, finance involves terms most of us are not familiar with, such as payback, discount rates and so on.

However, having an understanding of how finance works can contribute to both the success of your organization and your role within it. Your decisions have an impact on the financial well-being of your company, and having an understanding of the inner workings of finance will help you make better and more effective decisions. To help you gain the specific skills crucial to your company’s financial success, Amsterdam Institute of Finance offers some of the best Essentials of Finance courses – each of them with a different focus group, and each of them taught by a world-class expert.

Foundations of Finance

Foundations of Finance delivers a solid all-round foundation of financial insight and understanding for every professional whose work is (or will be) related to finance but lacks the necessary finance knowledge. In five days, Professor Paolo Fulghieri, will help you with acquiring the tools to make financial decisions in various situations and be able to help create value for your company. Attention will be given to firms operating in the service and in the technology sectors, and on the impact of sustainability and social responsibility on corporate value drivers. This is a blended-learning program, combining face-to-face classroom teaching with web-based learning.

Finance for Lawyers

Lawyers play a pivotal role in the financial world, but often know little about finance. In the 3.5-day Finance for Lawyers program, Professor Luisa Alemany aims to fill this knowledge gap by providing people with a legal background with the knowledge to better understand the financial decision-making of their corporate clients, and to communicate more effectively in integrated teams of lawyers, accountants, and investment bankers.

Finance for Non-Financial managers

Do you need a better understanding of what the numbers tell you, in order to make solid business decisions? This excellent two-day program helps you engage with CFO’s, clients and your leadership team. Leading the workshop is Susan Hansen who does not try to make you into an accountant but wants to give business people the tools to understand the numbers and help them make better decisions.